Sunday, November 20, 2005


Jammer and Skepta
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Oh my daze, what a night. And morning. Yes the Fiddy did the damn thing on Friday night at 333. The night started rather well, with myself and Fiddy clanging hits back to back. Thanks to some technical hitches - headphone moniters not working, records decks on the blink, things cutting out - and, admittedly, a complete lack of technical ability on our parts, clangers aplenty were had during our short but sweet set. Luckily, Samurai came to the rescue but not before we managed to go from Rude Boy Refix (excloose!) to Sizzla to Merkle Man to Lil Kim's Whoa to Bel Biv's Poison, Foxy Brown Take Me Home, ubiquitous Push It and a remix of The Game's Hate It Or Love It. Smooth, eh! Anyway, Radio Clit followed by Crackin Skulls upstairs kept the party going until MCs in the shape of Ears and Scratchy arrived to get things really grimy. The night kicked off proper though at around 3am when Jammer and Skepta finally arrived, jumped on the speakers and stagedived causing mayhem, excitement and much good vibes. Beautiful. Watch out for the next one next month - if you weren't there, fix up, look sharp and make sure you get there in December, ya heard!

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