Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Totally Ludacris

Ok, so dude has a Christmas flick to promote, but really...

"All i want for Christmas is two gold front teeth..."

And: "St Nick's never seen nothing quite like Chris..."

And: "I'm a do it my way, Eggnog got daddy swerving on the highway..."

And: "Get up in the house, my nose is redder then Rudolf's, I think I need some help with my belt/ If Santa doesn't show I want his cookie and his milk..."

And this one really hurts: "Maybe Santa Claus will come round my way, and all the kids on my block can look up and say hey..."

You know what though, I'm not mad. Why shouldn't Luda do something for fun? I mean, you got Tip waiting to get sent down, Foxy inside, Kanye's mum's passing...Why should it always be doom and gloom?

He could have fixed up the lyrics a bit though.

Get it here:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

didn't Run DMC do a Crimbo record awhile back?? Christmas in Hollis?? He should of done summin like that.