Thursday, December 06, 2007

Dubplate Drama: The Final Episode

Just back from a brilliant, fantastic showing of the final episode of series 2 of Dubplate Drama.

Made up of members of the public, the reaction was overwhelming. There was a panel after the episode was shown (I was on it, with the director Luke Hyams, MTV's Jasmine Dotiwala, Rahul Verma from The Metro, a man from Childline and Jason from Live Magazine), and the reaction and feedback was pretty amazing. Usually at these panels, you get a few voices that love to hate...actually, that's not fair, criticism is a good thing...when it's constructive!!

But I truly felt proud to have been involved in a very small way with Dubplate Drama. The audience was made up on kids whose lives this series reflected, and thank God there's finally a place where they are represented in a way that's, on the whole, pretty damn accurate.

Major shout-out to the cast, crew, Liverty and Childline who worked crazy hours for nothing in order that the voice of young people was finally heard outside of a video, or on radio. Where else on TV can you see this (and DON'T say Channel U, for God's sake!).

And please, go and vote now for the final outcome - but vote 'B', please, trust me!! Why? Ah, ok *SPOILER ALERT*, cos if you vote A, then Dionne's cousin dies!!! It's too much....Vote B people, please!

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