Tuesday, December 04, 2007

'Snifty' Cent?

So a camera crew in Croatia somehow wandered into 50's dressing room for an interview. Seems they were a little premature, cos there was some 'business' being conducted.

Reports on Croatian news are saying that Fif was filmed snorting a mysterious substance (well, I don't speak Croatian, but I think that's what they probably said).

I've checked and a) it's totally inconclusive as to what they're doing and b) it doesn't look like 50 himself is part of the party that is gathered around the table.

See what you think. It's about 1.30min in:


Anonymous said...

HAHA 50 got clocked! whats the big deal though its hardly surprising! Hes blatantly on the other side of the table, but if hes snorting anything who knows, they were pretty quick to get him to the door tho for the meet and greet.

Anonymous said...

50 got pure chang teeth look at him

Danny Walker said...

LOL - that's jokes how they get ushered and waved away, I don't know about 50 but the dude by the table in the blue t-shirt is either very short sighted and reading a magazine PRETTY close!!! or snorting some expensive "baking soda".