Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bass In Yo Face

Finally dropping in February is Delinquent's My Destiny. Featuring KCat, it's been big for more than a minute and will hopefully do some damage on the charts.

Also out Feb is my personal favourite H20 Ft. Platnum's What's It Gonna Be and Addctive's t2 produced Gonna Be Mine...

Hope all three do brilliantly...

Here's a wee interview with KCat and Mike Delinquent from this month's RWD 'Addiction' issue:

How did you all get involved in bassline?

Delinquent: We’d be in the studio making any crazy beat and end up passing our tracks to London pirate DJ’s, who would then hammer the tune. Unfortunately, the so-called big garage DJs at the time wanted to hold onto their precious old-skool scene for a bit longer. So, when all our releases became popular up north, it was natural. Our new tunes were on rotation at Niche, and bassline was born. We’ve done remixes for Ciara, Timbaland and Natasha Bedingfield as well as underground 4/4 smashers on our own label such as . The last two years have been about pioneering the bassline scene the best we can, most recently we did the official bassline mix of J.Holiday’s >Bed>.
KCAT: I was initially just working with Mike, recording tracks for my own album. I started off writing >My Destiny> to 2-Step, and it ended up being a bassline track.

Why do you think people like My Destiny so much?

KCAT: Maybe because it’s a ladies tune. Ladies tend to love vocal tracks to sing and dance along to when they’re out. But it’s not just any old vocal, the lyrics are intricate, and emotive, something that not only girls can relate too but anyone who believes in fate and destiny, or people who are in love. Because girls like it so much, it attracts the male audience too.

What's next for Delinquent and KCAT? More collaborations?
Delinquent: Definitely. We’re always writing together and I (Mike) am co-writing with KCAT on her solo material as we speak.
KCAT: My solo material is quite different to bassline. So I am experimenting with my own sound. Put it this way, it’s not what you’ll expect.

Where do you hope to be in five years time - what's the big plan?
Delinquent: Couple of albums, worldwide exposure, an Ivor Novello award, couple of mil in the bank… that’s it really!
KCat: I want to be very successful with my musical career and in a happy place with a healthy bank balance, that’s not in the red.

How important is women's involvement in the bassline scene?
Delinquent: Without ladies, the raves are dry. Simple. Bassline has that sex appeal as it involves females a lot more than grime did.
KCat: I totally agree. Women are vital in life generally. Men can’t function without us…!

What’s Your Addiction?

Delinquent: Red Bull, making music and success!
KCat: My bed!

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