Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bust A Move...

Thanks to Prancehall I am a walking, talking example of the old adage, 'you learn something new everyday.' (Is that an adage? I'm crap with knowing things like that. Despite my job title). Anyway, there's a new dance to come out of Paris, France.

Called tecktonik, it's like b-boys battling but with vogue moves mixed in. Yeah, pretty weird. Apparently it started in the techno clubs outside the capital, but has since spread around France. Even the b-boys are getting in on it.

Perhaps it's the video quality, but it ain't as impressive as jukin or krumpin to my untrained eyes although it does look quite nuts. Given the distinct whiff of 'Euro Dance/ Outdated Techno', it could definitely only happen in 'Eu-Rop.'

Here's a clip, check Prancers for another.

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