Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New Janet Album? Myeah

So just got back from the Janet Jackson/ Mariah Carey playback hosted by Antonio "LA" Reid himself.

It was so deep, you were officially not allowed to actually leave your seat while they played tracks - not even to go to the toilet. Thenm you had to hand your lyric sheets back into the door goons like it was school assembly or summin. Why are American's such divs? I mean, is there any need?

Anyway, more of Mariah later (but, yeah, amazing), Janet though... well I should first of all say they only played 8 tracks so obviously that's not the whole album. I also didn't hate it as much as some people there who were slewing hard, plus, you hear tracks once or twice and sometimes they grow ( i confess to thinking not-a-whole-lot when I first heard Usher and Mariah's last albums - both of which became among my favourite records ever!).

So I'll not be too harsh on JJ and point out that it's a hell of a lot better than the last record, but still a bit... weak. Too try hard, too throwback (one is kinda All For You, another a bit Rhythm Nation, another Velvet Rope) and it's clearly a 'lets try and be cool' album. Plus, there's NO NEED for the song where she talks about 'her daddy' spanking her and blindfolding her. Particularly with that family history, ya know!

So while I like the new single and I concede that this isn't a bad album, it's far from amazing. And sorry Janet, but you ain't touching Mariah right now. OMG! The track with Teddy Penderass is officially my track of '08.

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