Thursday, January 10, 2008


Here is my friends unofficial Chris Rock review from tuesday night at the Hammersmith Apollo... Word for word.

I have tried, but failed to buy tickets. Pissed.

"It was the best fucking night of my life ever.
I spent the whole time sat there thinking I can't believe Chris Rock is THERE. Right fucking there. JEaaaaaAAHH!!!
My friend completely won the jackpot tickets.. We were right at the front, like row B. Being showered (literally - there was a whole lot of spit) with genius.
I did spend most of the night in a state of panic worrying if he was about to do any cracker baiting - I was getting it.
But he resisted the temptation to humiliate me. Thankyou Mr. Rock.

I went to shake his hand at the end. And froze like a complete berk.
Like floored by his greatnissity.
You have to try and see one of the shows. HAVE TO!!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE TO!!!!!!!!

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