Tuesday, January 22, 2008

RIP Heath Ledger

I know this is off-subject, but Perez is reporting that Heath Ledger has been found dead of a possible drug overdose.

The Brokeback Mountain star was found dead in a Manhattan residence.

See, everyone goes crazy over Amy and Britney, but look at all these people, famous and not, who are dying from drugs quietly but steadily.

I'm telling you, crack n smack is wack.

According to News At 10, Winehouse has checked herself into rehab (again) after that Sun footage.

Again, I hope she cleans up. Shit is real, Just ask that dude's ex, who has to explain to their kid why its dad died at the age of 28...

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Anonymous said...

stop generalising how do you know how he died? we all know drugs are bad thanks for the lesson not