Sunday, January 06, 2008

Styleslut V Prancehall - It's Beef!

A serious business this, as two of the lands finest blogs go keyboard to keyboard, haircut to haircut over on Prancers site. Seems The Sluts weren't too impressed about Prancehall's quite funny post regarding their end of year list. Blad, people are getting called alcoholic sluts, teefs, Nathan Barley and all kinds of things.

This is like, deep.

What they really should do though is drop lyrics to determine the all-out winner. If Prancers can battle me and Fiddy, surely he's not afraid of little ole Styleslut?

Actually forget that. They're both p***ies. I mean, it's not like they even reveal their true identities. What are they hiding, this is the question. I've met them both and they're not that ugly.

Check out the war here: Prancehall

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