Monday, February 11, 2008


Shout out to the 1Xtra crew for inviting me to be a guest on the afternoon show today.

I got to spout nonsense alongside the lovely Craig David, Max and Ronnie Herel.

Can I say that Craig doesn't look as well, weird, in the flesh with all the new muscle. He looks in proportion - his head too. I'm not saying that to be an arse, I just genuinely thought he looked not good in his press shots. But it's the pictures, not him, honest.

Nice guy. Although he did keep his shades on throughout, superstar style. Other than that, down to earth and whatnot. He did have a top on too, I should point out, unlike the picture above.

Thanks again to fellow Brummie Max and Uche for having me on the show and letting RWD rep. And for not mentioning to Craig that I had slightly slagged off his record last time I did the show. I mean, I stand by it, but damn that would have been awkward (do still love Hot Stuff though).

Check it out over at 1X

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