Sunday, February 10, 2008

Born Into The 90's

So the final day in NYC I spent with Ms Va$htie and Mr Oscar in Va$htie's apartment in the East Village (right by where I used to live last year. Sniff).

My friend Aiko introduced me to Oscar last year when I was admiring his outfit. He handed me a pack of Yo MTV Raps cards and it was love from there on in.

He and Va$htie do a night called 1992 which is, well, pretty self-explanatory. People get crazy dressed up in lots of Polo and dance to SWV, R Kellz, MJB, Technotronic etc. etc. I'm hoping they will bring the night to London some time soon. I post their flyers on here, so watch out for them if you're in NYC and fancy a night that's pure fun... They've done block parties and next up, in March, they're doing a 1992 Prom Party. I need to be there!

And I really, really want a ring like they both have. I've been trying to get on in Brooklyn for a while, but the designs aren't saying much to me - apparently I need to go Canal to get that solid bubbly gold design. Schweet...

Also check Oscar's AMAZING shades from Bernhard Willhelm visor sunglasses. There are no words...

I think I already posted this, but check out Va$htie's CRS Us Placers vid. She's a video director too and works for various people lending them some cool. Oscar is a b-boy and graphic designer too - so they seem pretty darned busy.

Check the Myspace: 1992

And Va$htie's blog: Riottt

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