Thursday, February 21, 2008

New RWD and New ABC!

Check us out in this week's Music Week - we're bucking trends by being a music magazine going up in circulation, rather than down. New ABC is at 33,000 baby! An ABC is basically an official body that confirms exactly how many magazines you print and distribute. There's no making up figures, you have to show and prove to those guys. NME. Q, the Guardian etc have them, so we're really pleased to have official acknowledgment. Thanks to MW for the shout out too, it's really appreciated. Two more exciting developments coming to a blog near you soon (when I'm allowed to tell).

In the meantime, yep, we got it right again; last month we rocked with MJB and whaddya know she scooped her biggest UK sales plus brilliant reviews all over the place (and No.1 in the US), and this month we backed H'two'O and Platnum. I've loved this tune for a long time (since Chewy put me on to it), despite what anyone else says and I'm so pleased for the guys that it looks set to be No.2 in this week's charts. Huge congrats to them and Ministry... Britannia definitely rules, ok?!

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