Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Newest Bad Girl On The Block

While I'm on the subject of new chicks, Janelle Monae, who i interviewed tiiiiiiime ago in Atlanta when she was signed to Big Boi has joined Bad Boy and is said to be a sure-fire smash. She had a showcase about a week ago in NYC, and left a lot of industry heads in sHock n awe.

The girl is crazy-great, so watch for her because you can see her crossing over from everything from RWD, to NME, broadsheets, Q, Radio 1, MTV Base etc, etc. From what I remember she has a pretty incredible story too. This young woman could actually have a huge impact on people - she talks a lotta sense and a lotta truth.

This her live at her ATL listening party (watch out for Marsha 'Is that an American accent I hear before me' Ambrosius'!

I think she's actually unlike ANYTHING you will have heard before - the closet comparison is Andre 300 big the voice of a Jill Scott. Not quite sure how she fits into Bad Boy, but I hope Diddy does the job right.

Here's a little excerpt of when I interview Monae, back in '06 (I think it was '06!_

“When you say Kansas, people think of The Wizard Of Oz. But I grew up in an area some might say was disadvantaged; drugs, violence and prostitution. I lost a lot of friends and family to drugs. To get away from that, performing was my outlet.” Standing at 5’0 in her socks, it’s impossible to predict the size and impact of vocal that can come from one so small. But one listen at an open mic night was all it took to convince Big Boi that Ms MonĂ¡e was the woman to head up his boutique label, Purple Ribbon. Heard recently on Outkast’s Idlewild soundtrack, her debut proper should be with us in the New Year, and, she promises, it will be as cutting-edge as her couture. “I’m trying to redefine the future of music. Actually I’m trying to change the world. I know they’re big goals but I feel goals are good. And I think it could happen. Anything’s possible.”
Name: Janelle Monae –that’s my real name by the way.
Age: 19
From: Kansas City, Kansas
Live: At the studio, South West Atlanta
Wearing: I’ll say this; it’s about finding non-trendy things and starting new trends.

Janelle MySpace

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