Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rihanna & The Klaxons

Ok, this is hot. Big podium, pyramid thing, lots of green neon lighting circa 1980-something, Umbrella with a drum and bass-ish mix, Rihanna looks absolutely amazing. Klaxons are wearing those scarf things and looking a bit geeky. Hang on, what the hell is Rhi-Rhi wearing? I think it's part of the whole set but it's some weird Aztek print, big, baggy thing. Weird - not so hot.

Ohh, she just flicked her head in rather a rock and roll fashion.

This is very good. Apart from her clothes. They are very bad. And the purple lipstick. But that's probably not her fault.

Ferne Cotton is backstage talking to Take That. Wow, she is such a bad presenter. Why so annoying doe?

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