Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ronson And Guests

Adele is wearing something much better. Still in the same tent style that I don't think is that flattering, but wow it looks hella better than Ronson's 'electric blue' suit, which is not just a lot, but a lot a lot.

Daniel Merriweather is quite good but sounds better on record than he does live, which could be 'technical issues'. Or he just ain't all that. Whichever. His hair is a lot too.

Oh my God - here's Amy. She's wearing, well, not much. Incredible. She looks like a sailor girl styled by Chelsey Girl. Amazing song. Ronson might be a bit of a knob, but he can do whatever he wants in light of Valerie.

I don't think there's anyone as electric as Amy right now. If she makes it through this whole thing, which she will, she's about to be so legendary.

Is that a fag she has stuck behind her ear? See, amazing.

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