Monday, March 10, 2008


See, I've had the misfortune to meet Busta twice before and I found him to be as surly, rude and generally nasty as he is in this clip. So what the woman said he's ignorant - you've just ignored the very people that buy your shit music and your shit t shirts and go to your shit concerts (Ok, so Bus is q. good live). And then you call her a bitch?

Why not just say 'Sorry, I'll be right back' when people have waited to see you and take a picture outside of somewhere you're obviously working cos there's a tour bus and you're wearing promo t-shirts. No one just came up to you while you were shopping or eating or minding your business - you were working, promo'ing an album that you're trying to persuade people to part with hard-earned money. People who don't have the money you do to wear hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of shit jewellery around your thick-ass neck.

I would definitely never buy anything Busta again - not cause of this video, but cos I think he's an arse.

Vent over: see for yourself.


TRINA said...

What an arsehole! - TEAM HATTIE.

Brob said...

Yeah he doesn't seem like the nicest guy but they're both kinda in the wrong. I mean we all have bad days at work.
The lady saying "Hey theres kids here" clearly had lost the argument otherwise she wouldn't have kept repeating that over and over again even after he'd stopped swearing.

Sorry but I'm gonna side with Busta on this one. I've never met him before though so don't have much to go on. She shouldn't have called him ignorant in my book.

You're quite right though he could've said "Sorry I'm busy" or something though.

Great blog as always

hattie collins said...

Yeah but that's what I'm saying - for Busta, it seems like every day is a bad day. I've never experienced someone so hostile! If you don't like being recognised or asked for pix, then don't go to public events. All he had to say was 'I'll be right back' or 'hi, sorry I can't take pix today.' And how can he call someone a bitch and then swear in front of kids?!?? Hell to the N-O! If she didn't have grounds for calling him ignorant in the first place (which I think she did) she was clearly right anyway - guy is beyond ignorant!
But thasss jusssss me