Monday, March 17, 2008

March 17!

How remiss of me; I'm truly unworthy of my Irish heritage - I totally forgot it was St. Patrick's Day!!!

If I didn't have to be up at 6.15 tomor (I'm on BBC Asian Network around 7.50am for anyone that cares), I'd be out now drinking Guinness & Black (yeah, sacrilege I know, but it tastes great!) and downing shots of Sambucca and Bailey's (together, obv).

Cead Mi Failte, Slainte, Durum N Duris (think that means shut the door!) and all that good stuff to my Irish famo!


Hyperfrank said...

Lady do you mean Guiness and Blackcurrent? F off if you do. That is literally the best drink in the world. Only the realIrish woman can appreciate that sh*t. Ireland Stand up... Fenit... Stand up... Tralee Stand up... Great Aunty Philis Stand up. Them weird statements there.

Hyperfrank said...

"That is literally the best drink in the world." how was I cussing you? it's a beautiful drink. Yes it is on I shall battle you at who is the most Irish. My grandad used to drink a bottle of whiskey every other day. When I was 9 I started going to my local Irish Club and played bingo and drank guiness and coke. It's in my genes Collins. You've been warned.

hattie collins said...

Erm, yeah I have a problem with actually reading sometimes. Beef over and done. BUT! I was in the pub with my aunty mary and uncle trevor (who's real name is michael but that's another story)at 7!!! What do you know about going the off license to buy bacardi and 20jps for your aunty when you're 8! And getting yourself 'a little something' while you're there. And I ain't talking ice cream youknowdemwayzdere!! Blad, no one in my fam drank/ drinks less than two 2litres bottles of white lightning A DAY!! Beer bellies is US! Bingo is US! Aldi is US!!!!
*brushes shoulders off*

Hollytorious said...

DĂșn an doras I think you mean - and how the hell do you know that? My mate Leila was drinking Guinness & blackcurrant on St Patrick's day in Dublin and no one hit you should be safe to order it ;-)