Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What Would YOU Do?

Had a great time in Coventry this weekend thanks to 1Xtra (the only time I have ever had a good time in Cov, may I add!)

As well as performances from Estelle 'No.1 on downloads alone' Swaray (with Kano), Lupe (with Sway), Akon and Kelly Rowland, the best moment had to come from Wiley and Skepta with their brand new dance. Rolex Sweep is, well, a lot. Very, very funny. (Thanks to Frankie

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Hyperfrank said...

I'm very very happy about Estelle, sad it took a tune with an american, with an american label to get a hit no 1 in the UK. Oh we support our own don't we!

Catch Hattie Collins performing the rolex macarena sweep soon, near you.