Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Right now people I'm facing a very harsh reality of city dwelling - yep, miiiiiice!

Let me clarify that I'm not one of those girly girls that can't handle a spider - me and insects are pretty good. But I have a deep, insane, irrational fear of rodents.

When I lived in NYC last summer, walking home in the early hours was a nightmare. Pure Rattage everywhere!! But at least there were none in my yard ( I guess the three stankin' cats did have some use).

But, now, as I live and breath there is a mouse loose about my hoose and I ain't happy.

Years ago, I lived in Brick Lane. 76a to be precise. After pulling them out of my washing (unfortunately for that mouse, it was post-spin, not pre), setting them on fire in the toaster and following the stench of death to the ones rotting under my bed, I developed some serious issues. The mouse man came round, laughed and shrugged. 'You have a serious infestation. Thousands of mice exist in this building. There's nothing I can do," said he, as he trotted off back to his warm, MOUSE-FREE abode while Mickey and his mates freely ran over my feet as I showed him out the front door. Literally.


To be fair, the house we lived in wasn't the cleanest. We were skint bar workers, and literally had beds made of milk crates (bloody comfortable actually) while our 'shelves' were wooden vegetable boxes found one night down Brick Lane. Plus there was 5 of us in a 3-bed.

But where I live now is clean and lovely and has wooden floors and everything. This little shit (I have to tell myself it's only one - the thought of more will see me shrieking naked to the nearest train station to escape London) has been spotted 3 of the last 4 nights.

I even heard it by my bedside table on Sunday night.

Please people - any solutions, I need your help.

I'm literally jumping to the ceiling when I get a text or hear any random, unexpected noise.

I may not last the week...

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manny said...

may i suggest you check out the film ratatoille?

the film will soon have you leavin cheese on plates for your furry friends... the film is that deep!

pixar animation at its best!