Sunday, April 06, 2008


"I always said my taking part in the procession doesn't mean I condone China in any way," said Konnie Huq. "I believe in the Olympic values, the Olympic ideals... it's just unfortunate that China has such a terrible track record when it comes to human rights and they are the host nation."

It's 'unfortunate'? 'Unfortunate'? It's a bit more than unfortunate. 'Unfortunately', China hosting the Olympics has EVERYTHING to do with politics and you can not separate that just because it's inconvenient (i.e. A FINANCIAL PAIN IN THE ARSE) to do so. Gordon Brown, Huq and Steve Redgrave can make as many excuses as they want, but right now the Chinese, who have an appalling human rights record anyway, are seriously F'ing things up in Tibet. They need to let that country go and they should NOT be allowed to host the Olympics. If the essence of the Olympics is the joining of all 7 continents (oh, apart from if they're refusing to allow Tibet its independence leading the country into huge turmoil and unrest), how does what Huq say make sense? Because it's the Olympics we not only turn a blind eye, but allow a huge, vastly expensive friggin' procession to go not only round the world - but through Tibet itself!!!! Taking the piss!!!

Shit stinks. I definitely don't condone people down there fighting - especially cos my mumzie is down demonstrating!!! - but we do need to stand up and say THIS IS WRONG!!!!! China needs to let Tibet go and stop all this BS parading like nothing is wrong.

That's just me...

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