Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Out Now in the 33,000 ABC'd New Issue!

The 'Watch You Talking About?' Issue (see what we did there etc)

Gracing Our Cover: Wiley. He may be known as the Godfather of Grime, but right now Wiley looks set to have the biggest hit of his career with mammoth smash, the electro/ grime/ house hybrid Wearing My Rolex. Emmanuel Ezugwu catches up with Eskiboy in his most revealing, honest interview yet.

About To Blow: The Thirst
When brothers Mensah and Kwame linked with secondary school pals Mark and Marcus they had two things; a band name and a guitar. In a short space of stereotype-defying time they’ve amassed much more. MTV and RWD predict Brixton’s The Thirst are set for even bigger things...

Textback: Lil Weezy UK EXCLUSE BEOTCHES!!! (print that is!)

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