Monday, May 26, 2008


Damn if Jim Jones isn't a grubby looking dude, but behind that sneer and distinctly unwashed look is an interesting fellow I think. To parlay from dealer, to hype man, to superseding the star that you once did mic duties for, to not be only the owner of a hit song, but a frickin' label executive is pretty impressive.

I'd be more interested in seeing his younger life, but if I have an hour to kill, I reckon I'd check this. If only Dame Dash weren't in it... Thaa said, he looks a little more subdued, serious Dash, rather than his irritating Dancing Diddy alter-ego, thank God.

Can Jimmy, a man with personality, as opposed to lyrical skills, really have a bigger hit than Ballin' though? Guess we'll see...

This docu is out soon I believe....

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