Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Carter 2...

'I feel big...'

Choose your poison... Mr Carter. SO much better than Brooklyn

The leak has sprung... and hell to the Y.E.S!! It's a LOT!

WAYNE: "I been in and out the bank bitch, while you asshole n****s been on the same shit/ I flush and watch 'em go down the drain quick/ Two words you never hear 'Wayne quit'/ Cos Wayne win, and they lose/ I ain't never lose/ I call 'em April baby's, cos they Fools/ And when they snooze, we up/ Feet up like a para-pa-leg-uc/ A Paraplegic, I parallel park/ In a yellow and red bang old-skool Atlanta Hawk/ Like I'm from Collipark/ But I'm from Hollygrove/ Now all my bloods scream 'Su-bu and badda-doo'/ I know my role, and I play it well/ And I wear it well on my Libra scales/ I suck a pussy, fuck a pussy leave it [chopped and screwed]..."

JAY: "I'm right here in my chair with my crown and my dear/ Queen Bee as I share my time with my heir/ Young Carter, go farther, go further, go harder, is that not why we came ? If not, then why bother?/ Show no mercy in Marcy/ Far from being the bastard that Marcy had fathered/ Now my name's being mentioned with the martyrs, the Biggie's and the Pac's, the Marley's and the Marcus's/ Garvey got me a Molotov cocktail/ Flow, even if you box well, can't stop the blows/ Kapoom, the Roc boy in the room/ The dope boy I just came off the spoon/ Also, I'm so fly I'm on auto/ Pilot, what, guy's just stare at my wardrobe/ I see Euro's, that's right, plural, that's right, I took so much change from this rap game, it's your go...

WAYNE: "It's my go, yeah/ And I'm a go so opposite of soft, off the Richter/ Hector command the sandwich/ Far from average/ Above status/ Quo/ Flow/ So pro, I know/ I ride slow and when I pass they say killer man stop raking up my past/ And next time you mention Pac, Biggie and Jay-Z, don't forget Weezy Bay-Bee..."

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