Thursday, May 22, 2008

Common U.M.C Ohmydayyyze!!

RWD has gotten its grubby mitts on a super-excluse copy of Common's new Neptune's produced single Universal Mind Control [U.M.C]!

Unlike anything you've ever heard from the Chicago rapper before, Com and Skateboard P get their D&B on over one of the most F'ed up 120BPM beats we've heard in a hot minute. This beat is properly nuts and the last thing you'd expect from Mr Lonnie Lynn.

I caught up with Pharrell the other night to ask him, among other things, all about the hella-hot collabo.

"We kept talking about going in the studio for two years straight," Skateboard P explained. "We had done Come Close a couple of years ago, but he said he wanted to go back in and work together. We never got a chance to but finally we got a chance and we scheduled it and went right in. It was just magical. He said 'Take me somewhere else, I don't give a f*ck where, anywhere.' I was like 'Cool.'"

Was the track as influenced by D&B and house as it appears to be? "Of course, of course," P admitted. "All I know is I was annoyed by D&B when I was young. You know how it is when someone that you can't stand is into something, it gives it bad connotation. But then when I re-discovered it on my own I was like 'Ahhhhh.' You have to think about it, we had to think what could we do more energetic than we'd done before. So we had to hit up the BPM!"

Check it out: UMC Audio

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