Thursday, May 08, 2008


Today I'm really not so happy to be in LA as it's the day my friend Bianca Foster is being buried.

So, as I'm not there, I wanted to kinda have a minute to think about her and also tell you guys, some of who knew Bee, about her.

Obviously, when someone young dies, it's hard not to revert to cliche. But Bee was definitely someone who really did seem so full of life that it's hard to comprehend that she's gone. She always had a million and one projects on the go, always wore bright colours and customised her stuff to stand out, and she was just really beautiful. The girl flippin' glowed!

I first met Bianca when I started at RWD. She was there too, doing some filming bits after being recommended by the Prince's Trust scheme that RWD was also helped by in the beginning. Me, Bianca, Chan and Dan would oftentimes be found throwing gun fingers at Straight Outta Bethnal, or, in this pic, at the Rinse party (I think that's where it was taken, anyway).

Me and Bee weren't best friends, and I'm gutted I didn't speak to her more in the months before she died, but I'm really glad to have known her for the three years that I did. I really have very fond memories of a warm, bright, funny, energetic young woman who had a lot of dreams, plans and schemes and was determined to live them.

Bianca was found at her flat on December 26 and no cause of death has yet been found - hence the huge delay in her funeral only happening today.

To roll out another cliche, I hope if nothing else, Bee's passing reminds me that, yes, life is short and precious and you just don't know when your number might be up - so live life to the full.

RIP Bianca, we miss you homefry!!!


Manny said...

may her soul rest in perfect peace!

Danny Walker said...

RIP... Gone but not forgotten!!!