Monday, May 26, 2008

R.I.P Tubby T

I only met Tubby once outside a club in the West End, not long before he suffered a seriously debilitating stroke. I imagine the last four years have been very hard on Tubby, his family and friends and I truly hope Tubby has found peace now.

While he was here, he definitely made an impact. Here's a little tribute on three of my favourite Tubby moments:

Tales Of The Hood

Big & Bashy with big Falls:

Displaying the energy I remember from when I met him and saw him live. Here's Tubby on Samurai's show, singing the only YouTube version I can find of my favourite, Ready, She Ready:

Rest In Peace Tubby...

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Gabriel Heatwave said...

Tribute To Tubby T - Suncycle

[...] With x-amount of wicked Tubby T tunes and memories of his life and musical career, the Silver Star tribute podcast is essential listening: download the mp3 from their website. More tributes: Rozan, Hattie Collins and Facebook. [...]