Monday, May 12, 2008

Shawty Searches For Tip

Now I think this is a bit bitchy myself, but apparently Shawty 'D4L' Lo is upset at T.I. for some reason. He disputes Tip being from Bankhead etc, etc.

Now I'm not from there either, but I did go down to Bankhead back in 2006. It was pretty hood, but we met some great people down there who showed us lots of love and happily posed for our (well, Zach Wolfe's) pictures. Here's a couple of my snaps and, below, Shawty tries to track down Clifford... The picture of the bike is taken outside of the store that featured in the D4L video. I had some great pictures of two girls called 'Cash' and her aunt 'Money' but they're on my external hard-drive unfortunately... Now if only I could have persuaded Game to take me to Compton...!

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WorldStar said...

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO! T.I From High School Pic /"The one Shawty Lo is looking for"