Friday, May 23, 2008

Usher: Still Standing Strong...

Yeah the pic quality game is p-p-poor, but what you want from a balcony shot off a Blackberry Curve. It's not a phone renowned for it's high pixels!

Amazing, amazing show - Usher bought it and bought it hard! Yeah, he mimed on Movin Mountains (badly) but dude can still dance and sing (live for the rest of it!) like a mo'fo.

And the hits?

Shiiiiiit, Ush got hits for days...

A very big show featuring cars, fireworks, live band, dancers etc etc. Sony Ericsson must have splashed some serious cash for that! Nice...

Here's the set list:

Safe sex/ This Aint Sex (it's a new one, so not sure of title!)
U Make Me Wanna
U Remind Me
U Don't Have To Call
Movin' Mountains( aka Movin' Ma Lips, badly).
* Some guy tried it here, shouting he didn't give a shit cos Usher just lost his father. But Usher dropped him right out, quickly. "What you said? You don't give a shit? So why you here then? You got to get out and watch what you say homeboy."*
Nice And Slow
U Got It Bad
Here I Stand
Um, another new one, produced by Will.I.A, (If I could be arsed to get my notebook from the LA playback I would. But I can't so...)
Caught Up
My Way
Love In This Club

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