Monday, June 30, 2008

Jay-Z American Boy verse

"London's bridges are falling down/ Not bridges but britches when Jigga's in town
Lady show me your knickers/ I might let you kick it if you don't tell the missus,
Quick, run, before the tabloids come/ Run into the night or we might end up in The Sun
I'm just taking the piss- unless you gon' do it
Oh no Nelly's gone so Makavelli/ Bring Tupac of condoms when you come to the tele,
Tell me if this is true/ If diamond's are a girls' best friend my crew
Would like to extend an invitation to you/ We like to invite you to
Our family..(pause)/ Jewellry I mean cos my jewel's are currently being guarded by the Queen."

Guarded by the Queen (Bee, ER) - loving the punnery and the use of taking the piss. Loves it a lot. Noel Shh Huuuuh Yuh Muh!

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