Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Looks Like A Good Un....

Happy birthday to the Goldieloooooocks! I need to be at this partay...


Ian said...

Q: Who is Goldielocks' favourite Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle?

A: "Michaelangelo was my favourite because he danced on that lit up dancefloor whilst spinning a pizza, sick! He was cool. I didn't like Shredder."

I love her!

Hattie I was wondering if you good people at i-D were looking for music contributors at the moment. Can you tell me who the best person is to contact about that? I tried emailing the address but keep getting bouncebacks - any help you could offer would be mucho appreciated.



hattie collins said...

Hey Ian,

Don't think there's a huge amount of wok going as there's a lot of regular contributers already, but leave me your email and we can take it from there!