Saturday, June 14, 2008

Missy Best, Best...

Reactions to this have been somewhat indifferent, but I think this tune is a loT. Note the capital T. I think this is going to be a killer in the clubs. Those electro synths are so hot. Not that I really go to clubs much these days, but you catch my drift.

Produced by Danja, lyrics by Missy. Sickkkkkkkkk.

Interestingly, Missy tells Billboard he's been inspired by UK hip hop (er, really?) on this forthcoming album Block Party, and particularly Best, Best.

"This album is hip-hop, with a sort of U.K. hip-hop sound to it. Best, Best. I love that one. It’s not your typical R&B record. It’s more like club R&B with a U.K. hip-hop sound to it. It’s a feel-good record, but at the same time super sexy. It reminds me of when I did Hot Boyz. It’s got that same feeling."

Check it: HERE

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