Thursday, June 12, 2008

That's Riiiiiiight....

The Snowman has launched a new site, aimed strictly at the hood.

Called Usda2day, Jeezy's content is a mix of greazzzzy hip hop talk and hood tales, including the convicted murderer who beat up his own lawyer in court before sentencing. You can also, from Friday, download Jeezy's new mixtape, The Prime Minister.

Yep, it's a lot

Check it here...


I remember when I got to interview the Adlib King at the Power Summit three years ago. I think I baffled him with my excitement - like, how does this crazy English girl even know who I am? But while I think he's kinda fallen off a bit recently (the Mariah and Usher guest spots were just bad), I will forever hold Can't Ban The Snowman and Thug Motivation dear in my heart...

[Top Jeezy at the Landmark Hotel, London, 2007. Bottom, Power Summit 2006]

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