Thursday, July 31, 2008

Going Global

So I did my first ever stay-overnight-in-a-tent-at-a-festival last weekend.

Thank the Lord above for the VIP toilets that's all I can say. Still, clean though they were, why do they smell so strongly of piss ven at the beginning of the weekend? Festivals make you realise that without deodorants, bleach and air freshener, the human race is stinkin'. Literally stinkin'.

Plus you know you're getting old when you consider telling people in surrounding tents to please keep the noise down because it's 4.30am and you'd like to please sleep.

But before that, I did mightily enjoy Kanyeezy. Slightly disappointed that he didn't bring over the Glow In The Dark show as promised, but he's always good value live I think. Still, nothing will touch the performance I saw, along with maybe 200 people on a moonlit beach in the Bahama's (yep, I'm a lot it's true). Plus I was literally at the front. Shout out Minako!!

After Kan, I jumped on the Walzers (my favourite ever fairground ride) and caught some of Moby, who did actually bring an amazing light show with him (Kanye, take note!).

Here's some footage via Walker of Jesus Walks.

Thanks to Rhiannon and the Spring PR crew for the hook-up, I had a great time.

Next year though, I'm about the nearby hotel!

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