Friday, August 22, 2008


To be honest, I'm not that arsed about sport or the Olympics in general (although I was made to STAY UP and watch the MARATHON last week jeeeeez), but I was keeping an eye on Shanaze Reade, the BMX'er from Crewe. I remember reading about her a couple of years ago in the Sunday Times and in the build-up to the Olympics we featured her and little Tom Daley in RWD. I like the fact that she's so young and that she, like myself (cough cough) is a BMX-er. I, like everyone, had high hopes.

So anyway, I just saw the race and homegirl FELL!!! Gutted! As well as a broken wrist she's probably devastated with her performance. Not that it's her fault she came off, obvs, but how much would you replay it in your mind, what you should/could/would have done differently the next time.

Any Shanaze, good try, you did your best so don't sweat it. And hey, there's always 2012. Education failing, terrible health system, kids going mad killing each other over nothing, unemployment rate going up, homes being repossessed, the cost of living bordering on the extortionate - hey, lets spend a few billie on the 400 metres and some archery. Yeah, nice one...

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