Monday, August 04, 2008

She Truly Is...

I can't make up my mind about Lady Gaga. I had a strange experience in LA a couple of months back when I interviewed her at the W hotel in West Hollywood. She was possibly one of the most pretentious people I've ever met, complete with a flash of lightning on her left chick, peppering her talk with crazy therapy-speak and just generally being nuts. A few days later I went to this club to see her perform; holding aloft a glow-in-the-dark torch she threw herself around a lot, which was fairly amusing. I'd be a liar if I said I didn't love Just Dance though. Fantastically tacky electro-euro-disco at it's best.

Perez has a film on his blog of some new video she just made that is batshit crazy yet somehow entertaining. I can't find it anywhere online and can't embed off his, so for now check out this nuts footage of Gaga doing Just Dance at Miss Universe 2008. Very, very odd.

Here's a link to the RWD interview I did recently on Gaga. She'll either be absolutely massive... or absolutely not!

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