Thursday, October 16, 2008

Guess Who's Back?

Fresh (ish) from the Eminem book launch, The Way I Am, in downtown Manhattan.

Em was in the hizouse, as was 50, LLoyd Banks, Yayo, a famous actor who I can't remember, LL and MOST EXCITINGLY (apart from Em obvs) OMAR FROM THE WIRE!!!!!!

Have amazing picures (in a blurry, camera-phone/ stalkerish way) that if I could only figure out how to download from my new Blackberry I would post. As soon as he found out I was English, Michael K Williams (aka Omar) begged me to send him the copy of the Guardian Guide that he was recently on the cover of. I told him about the Kano/ Ghetto track too, and promised him I would send on.

Can't lie, I was properly star-struck. Dude is the best ever character on TV. Evvvvvaaaaa!

Also, new Em book is AMAZING!!! Funny, revealing, free DVD, great pix. It's out soon and for £20, it's an absolute must for fans and non-fans alike. Serious, serious.

He's also about to be back with a new album, Relapse and there's even a freestyle, Guess Who's Back available from HERE

More details tomorrow when I've caught 40 winks...

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