Sunday, October 19, 2008

Omar God!

Normally I don't post pictures of myself pon blog, but somethings have to be seen to be believed.

Did the BEST INTERVIEW EVER with Michael K Williams AKA Omar Devone Little in the Wire. Not only a fantastic actor, he's a humble, warm, interesting, intelligent dude too. If I was a fan before, well, I guess I'm now a Stan! I honestly don't normally take pictures with people but I don't think I've ever been as starstruck as I was with Omar. Well, maybe a bit with Young Jeezy back when he was doing mixtapes and I bumped into him at the Power Summit in the Bahamas (azyado!!). It's weird how the most random people make you act a fool, right?

Anyway, we talked about Michael being a dancer for Crystal Waters on Top of the Pops (true stories), how he got the scar, what he's working on now (a lot), future plans for Omar the character (more than a lot), growing up in Brooklyn, working with Pac, and, of course, in-depth geek talk about the best programme on TV. Ever (whatchoo know about The Wire doe?)

Oh, the woman in the picture is Michael's manager, Taja from Czar (yep, he's Henchman), so big shouts to her for hooking this up.

About an hour before this picture was taken, I played Mike (yeah, see how I slipped in the 'Mike') Kano and Ghetto's Hunting We Will Go track. All I can say is, watch this space... watch this space....

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