Monday, November 24, 2008

Kanye Gives It Away...

I told Wayne last week that Kanye had said he (Kanye) didn't deserve the EMA for Best Urban, that Wayne should have got it. The Lil Fella got all coy and chuckled, 'No, he crazy, that's Kanye's award, that's all his."

Wonder what Weezy will say about this:


akuma said...

hattie, just saw your review of 808s and heartbreak in the london paper, and can i just say - ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND. i normally fucks with your reviews but seriously, 4/5? WTF?
anyways, keep up the good work but maybe listen to that shit sandwich again.

hattie collins said...

Ha ha - wow! No way man, I stand by that review. And the rest of the British press gave him straight 5's so at least I didn't totally lose my mind!
I'm going to post the review in full now, cos a little got cut-out, but I think the album is a brave experiment, and I have to applaud Kanye for stepping out like that. Plus, apart from Robocop obvs, there's some big tunes on there! This ain't no shit sandwich, I tells ya (but i am officially banning autotune in '09_

hattie collins said...

ps the best one-word review, from styleslut is 'Bi-Curious'

akuma said...

forgot 'paranoid' too. that's a cool track.

can i write for RWD please? i'm bored of being an internet nobody.

plus my sister is mc chipmunk's sociology teacher, so you know i can get those exclusives.

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