Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cassette Playa X Nike Blazer

Shout out Carrie. We went to her launch party yesterday in East london (right by by gym, which is the closest I've been to it in, er, three months). We and had much fun and saw 8000 people that I haven't seen in ages. Plus Temp's was on the mic to draw for the 'Swiiiiiiiiiiiiing.' And, uh, yeah, how do I cop a pair of them Blazers cuz! The colourway is siiiiiiiick.

The after-after party was at the excellent Work It in Dalston. If you don't know about that night (shout out Hollytorious!!), you need to know. The Fresh Prince Theme, Real Love (Biggie remix obvs), SWV, Bel Div DeVoe, vintage Snoop and much, much more '90s goodness. You gotta go. If you can actually get in. The place gets rammmmmmmed!

A rather excellent Friday night out all told.

Here's Ms. Cassette Playa talking about the hot new line for Nike...

Cassette Playa X Nike Blazer from Amazing Grace on Vimeo.

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Hollytorious said...

Here's to more dancing in 2009 - you know you love it!