Thursday, December 04, 2008


Imagine you were struggling for years, making music, doing little shows, even setting up your label in order to release mixtapes. Then imagine you caught a break and got a record deal with an indie label, had moderate chart success but ultimately left cos it just wasn't working.

Then imagine you met an upcoming American producer in a Waffle place in LA who introduced you to his friend, another up and coming singer/ songwriter. A few months later, that guy signs you, the producer appears on your track and, well, a year or two later, you not only go to No.1 in the UK, you start to break the US.

To top it off, a few months after appearing onstage with the producer dude (now arguably one of, if not the biggest pop star in the world) at the MTV EMA awards, you get NOMINATED for not one but TWO GRAMMY'S...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Massive congratulations to Estelle - in yo' faces hataaaaaaarrrrrrsssss!!!!

Congrats also to M.I.A who is nominated for Paper Planes.

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