Monday, December 01, 2008

'Slippin' and Sliding and Oozing Down The Cone....'

'Hope he doesn't melt, before I get him home!!!'

All my uni peeps will know how much I used to love MC Lyte - Ice Cream Dream from the Mo Money soundtrack in partic.

Ohh, she was BAD!!

Anyway, if I hadn't done SOMETHING TERRIBLE TO MY BACK (literally, I'm talking about being stuck in the bathtub for 30 minutes this morning, missing Take That do a small gig at R2, lying on my side all day swallowing Nurofen type bizznizz) I would LOVE to go and see her tonight.

If I could *actually* walk, I'd so be there. If anyone reading this has anything to do with Lyte, I beg you beg her to come and do a little rap for me at my flat? Please?


Oh and any doctors out there holla too. My back is properly killing me!!!

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