Saturday, December 27, 2008

Why Do People Do This?

No offense to Kirk Snipes, but why do the likes of him, and thousands others, record themselves singing songs by other artists and put them on the Internet? Ok, so Justin Timberlake signed that chick, and I think JD signed someone else too, but is this really a way to get 'spotted.' And can they not see they can't really sing that well?

Just weird to me.

Here's Kirk singing - complete with a phone ringing - a bit of Halo by Beyone. Which I really love! Tuuuuune! So obviously meant for Leona though, eh.

Here's the *actual* video


Anonymous said...

no offense to you, but why do people like you blog about pointless shit, that had no concern with you. have you worked for record lables to say wether or not someone has talent, at least KIRK SNIPES, has a career doing something and maybe quite more along the road then you are. dont disrespect please, its just simply rude and not needed. perez hilton gets paid for his opinions, not you. no disrepect. and millions of other do... i cant seem to find you on google? right?

C said...

out of curiosity, why Kirk Snipes? Why not Cubby? or the Numa Numa kid? or Kina Grannis? or any of the many, many people doing covers and singing on youtube? It seems to be that you're just hating on Kirk Snipes. Actually, I take that back, it seems quite clear that you're only writing this blog directed at Kirk on purpose, and if you're hoping of ever gaining some readers I'd suggest you stop digging yourself into a hole.

People can sing, dance, fart, do whatever the hell they want on youtube for the absolute hell of it whether they are famous, want to be famous, or not.

Check out this girl -

Watch her covers. She's not that great of a singer, goofy looking, and although I personally think she does it on purpose sometimes, she sings because she LIKES SINGING. I'm sorry you're so unhappy with yourself and your unnoticed blog.

Paul Johnson Calderon said...

I'm from the CW'S High Society, and I have something to say Kirk may not be the best singer in the world but people know him! He works his ass off, he is almost on a socialite status in NYC which by all means is fabulous. He stays true to himself and not the media. I'm sure if he wanted the attention he could. He has all potential to do whatever he wants to!


Anonymous said...

haha soooo true...maybe if this "up and coming star" sang better he'd have a legitimate career, steady income, and would be able to move out of his mom's house in ohio! LMAO, ps the previous comments are so obviously either from Kirk or his friends, since he posted this on facebook.