Friday, January 02, 2009

09: The Virgins

I first heard about this New York band in August 07 from the guy, Tim, I was flat-sharing with in NYC. He was a photographer friend of theirs and had taken a lot of pictures of them. We were supposed to go see them in Williamsburg one night but the dates got mixed up, or the show was cancelled or sumin' and we ended up not seeing them.

I checked them out after though when I saw this amazing documentary one of them was involved with called
Billy The Kid. Loved the film, so checked the music and was like 'Yeah, cool, I like them,' but I only just properly listened to the debut, self-titled album properly and it's so darned good.

I know I'm limited on indie-ish stuff, but these guys are a bit like MGMT/ Metronomy and ting. A bit disco/electro-y, they have hooks for days. Teen Lovers in beyond bangin'!!

Despite having been around for ages, they've yet to make it... yet. I reckon Two Double Oh Nine could be a good year for them...

Check their MySpace to hear some tunage.

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