Thursday, January 08, 2009


What you know about "Whad up n***a how you doing?/ Can you hit me on that late nite tip?/ Can we hook up somethin for yo' tongue to touch my pussy lips/ (Eat it) Why not eat it can you feel me bursting full of joy/ Can you feel me cummin like I'm runnin for the mayor boy..." (Dick Suckin' Hoes. 2000)

Gangsta Boo was one foul-mouthed madam. The former Three 6 Mafia-er went quiet after leaving the group back in 2000/2001, but she's back.

('Ey girl., I know you tired of these pussy-ass n****s... You a ho/ You a fuck boy/ Pussy ya make me sick/ Fuck boys all around me lurking in disguise..." Boo '09)


Donald Crunk said...

I thought this woman gave her life to the Lord??

hattie collins said...

better hope the lord loves some serious roode talk then, eh!