Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can Everyone Stop Pulling Skinners Elbows About?


"It seems the era of the Moses is over. I have been ordered by a local paramedic that I need to give my arms a chance to recover. I have been getting unbelievable pain in my elbows after Moses-based activity. People tend to tug me the fuck about and punch me and twist me up. It's great fun at the time but kills like fuck after. Really. Pain like I have never experienced. So tonight I was in such a state that the St John Ambulance insisted on calling the paramedics. Big up my new friend Darren who gave me the never go full retard works. ECG, blood pressure and look into my eyes blood sugar unconsciousness routine. Apparently I'm all good but need to stop the regular violent tugging and punching - yes punching, people punch me, scratch me and tonight someone held onto my belt so hard that my hernia scar from many years ago opened up to a bright red colour. Looks like a wee organ might pop out of its purply red bloody gash. Nice. Seriously never known pain like it and I broke both my arms when I was younger, hardly noticing it. Some kind of tendonitis, cramping and general bodily bashing. AAAAGGHH.

Thanks Cambridge. Please raise a glass for the Moses and its final enactment."

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