Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Dentist: I Must Be Brave

After keeping agony at bay with the wonder of Nurofen Express, I've finally faced up to the fact that i HAVE to go to the dentist. Today.

I am literally SHITTING MYSELF.

Ok, so no one likes the dentist but I am truly afeared. Especially when I know that's something is very, very wrong toward the back of my mouth.

If i hear the words 'extraction' or 'root canal' I might just faint. Or punch the dentist on the nose. Hard.

Last time I had a wisdom tooth out, my hands clamped together like a Lobster Boy. It was not only weird and embarrassing, the dentist looked like he was out to faint in case he'd damaged a nerve or summin. It was just me being weird though.

Ok, I'm off. Wish me luck...

I was going to post a picture of a mashed up mouth btw, but the images were so foul that i sicked a bit in my mouth and I don't want carrots occuring when the dentist is examining. That would be like, shameful.

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