Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My Dentist Is A G!!!!

Whatchu know about Malmin Dentists on Farringdon Rd?

So for weeks I've been sweating going to the dentist. When I was a kid, some doofus gave me a bunch of fillings without anesthesia. Not a great experience. Then a few years back, another doofus took a wisdom tooth out, and as previously reported here, he got me so anxious and stressed (I'm talking 10/15 minutes to give me the frickin' injection!!), my hands froze comedy-style - I was Lobster-Girl for a minute there.

So then I saw the next doofus a week back. Mans trying to charge me £250 to take out my teet! Whuuuut! Plus he's trying to charge me extra for some oral surgeon as he doesn't 'specialise' in extractions. Bruv, are you a dentist, or are you some dude who just randomly walked in off the street and picked up one of those weird spatula things, a sucky thing to drain out spit and the decision that, hey, I kinda fancy being a dentist today?

But my man at Malmus was a badddddarman!

I'm talking in-depth x-rays, pictures of my teeth, free Pomegranite juice on entry (that was actually the bit that impressed me most) a TV above your head so you don't have to think about the abject horror that's currently taking place in your mouth. Plus the injection, 5 seconds, a bit of pain, and done. Tooth popped out in a hot minute and done.

I was thinking of getting a gold tooth to replace, but as it's at the back and no one would see it, I guess it's a waste of time.

Wow, this post is a lot. I think I'm still a bit high and weird of the anaesthesia. My nose is literally numb! Haaaallllla!

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