Friday, January 23, 2009

Twitt Off

For all you Twitters heads in the hizzouse, check out a great story on it in today's Independent.

The popularity of Twitter, the micro-blogging service used by President Obama to remind Americans to vote and tennis player Andy Murray to update fans on the weather, has risen so much that it has seen its visitor numbers increase by nearly 1,000 per cent among UK users.

(AHHHH, it's a 'micro-blog' service. I literally didn't click that's what it was. I signed up for it a few months ago, didn't really get it, thinking it was a way for people to update their blogs on the go. But yeah, now I've bothered adding a few folks, I see the point a lot more.)


The recent explosion in user numbers is largely a product of enthusiasm for a new form of citizen journalism. President Obama has a Twitter profile, although it has been quiet of late, while news of the recent plane crash in New York's Hudson River first emerged from survivors' Twitter updates.

Oh, and you HAVE to check Semtex's post about Wale. As Sem was interviewing him, he noticed a Twitter post from Wale about how he 'hates doing interviews.' Listen to the audio, then check out the 'discussion' Sem and Wale twittered after. Isssalot. I personally think Wale is a boring MC, and I had little interest in in him before - and even less now.

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Tinchy said...

dun kno da twitter!!! its the way forward....nice 2 see u the other night....