Friday, January 30, 2009

Very nice interview with Ne-Yo in the Mail today. Kinda makes you go 'Awwww.'

I don't ever really blog about him, cos he's just kinda 'there' you know? But I have such a lot of respect for this dude as a songwriter. I would never have predicted the success he's had when I saw him at a showcase in London about three or four years ago. But the dude has smashed it, and smashed it hard. His own tunes are hawt too, so this is just me saying 'Halla to Ne-Yo.'

Ps: I saw him at the GaGa show in Vegas, rubbing up on some ANY girl. He looked like he was having fun though...

Daily Mail interview

Here's some dark, far away, kinda pointless footage of him at O2 the other night. Vocal sounds much!

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